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130 Unique Back Hand Mehndi Designs (With Pictures For You)

If you’re looking for beautiful Mehndi designs for your back hands, then don’t go anywhere. I’ve been making these henna drawings for over seven years and have also seen thousands of them during my career.

In fact, I’ve even “invented” some simple stylish back hand Mehndi designs as well.

People have loved them, which is why I decided to write an article on them.

Now, I am sharing the 130 easy back hand Henna designs.

Table of Contents

Delicate Flower Lace

back hand mehndi designs

This design is my favorite because it feels like a gentle dance of flowers across the skin. In my opinion, it’s ideal for those who prefer a touch of understated elegance. You can try it for any event, but it’s best for special occasions, like marriage.

Royal Feathers

back hand mehndi design

The Royal Feathers design is a celebration of beauty. It is both majestic and refined. You can also alter it a bit and add some more fine lines. No matter what, this style looks both bold and beautiful.

Whimsical Vine Garden

mehndi designs for back of hand

Another simple back hand Mehndi design you can try is the Whimsical Vine Garden. The reason I love this is that it gives a touch of nature’s playfulness and charm. You should go for it if you’re celebrating any joy or event.

Bridal Mandala Magic

stylish back hand mehndi designs

If you want the latest Mehndi design back hand full, then try Moonlit. It is truly magical because you add lots of sky elements to this. I always make it with concentric circles and patterns that radiate like moonlight. 

Enchanting Arabian Patterns

easy back hand mehndi design

Enchanting is an excellent Arabic Mehndi design back hand. The reason I picked it for you is that it brings a piece of rich cultural heritage to your hands. It is inspired by traditional Arabian art, so it will definitely look good on your hands.

Floral Cascade Dreams: Flower Mehndi Design Back Hand

simple back hand mehndi design for girls

Are you looking for rose Mehndi design back hand? Then try Floral Dreams. This design is like a dreamy waterfall of flowers on your hand. People also like to draw leaves and I think it suits this design. It’s perfect for anyone who loves nature and wants their Mehndi to look soft.

Paisley Harmony Delight

modern back hand mehndi design

That’s my own Henna design, and I call it Paisley Harmony Delight. In it, you draw little droplets with a twist. That’s why they look super fun and always look cheerful. The good thing is Paisley Harmony is really easy to draw. You will be done within five to seven minutes. 

Celestial Henna Art

pinterest mehndi designs back hand

Celestial Henna Art is all about the sky and stars. Before drawing it, you should think of a clear night sky with all the stars twinkling. You can even add more things to enrich it. In the end, it will feel like you’re holding a piece of the night sky.

Intricate Henna Harmony: Revival

modern back hand mehndi design

Henna Harmony is one of the best back full hand bridal Mehndi designs. Have you ever seen those cool, patterned tiles in pictures of Morocco? This design is exactly like that. It has all these neat lines and shapes that fit together like a puzzle. 

Elegant Lotus Swirls

mehndi design for hand back

Elegant Lotus Swirl Mehndi’s design is all about the lotus flower. This flower is really special in many cultures. It doesn’t give a bold look, but it still looks pretty. I recommend it to those who like their Mehndi to feel calm and elegant.

Radiant Sunflower Beauty

back full hand bridal mehndi design

Sunflowers are all about happiness and warmth. If you’re starting a new life, go for Radiant Sunflower beauty back hand henna design. You can also draw flower petals on your back hand, which will add a natural touch. But you should be careful, as drawing the flower wrong will ruin the design.

Tribal Fusion Patterns

arabic mehndi designs for back hand

Do you want to try bel Mehndi design back hand? Then, I recommend Tribal Fusion. It is a better version of bel design, as it is a perfect combination of traditional and modern styles. So, if you want something bold and striking, try this design. Don’t forget to draw geometric shapes and lines that are inspired by tribal art. 

Cosmic Constellation Mehndi Style

back hand mehndi designs simple

The Cosmic Star Constellation design is like a map of the stars on your hand. It’s for anyone who loves looking up at the night sky. I also like to draw this back hand design from time to time because it brings the mystery and beauty of the cosmos to your skin.

Romantic Rose Petal Design

rose mehndi design

Romantic Rose is one of the best Instagram stylish back hand Mehndi designs. It should be an automatic choice if you adore the romance of roses. It features delicate flower patterns that look stunning. So, it’s a beautiful way to wear your favorite flower.

Glistening Waterfall Patterns

mehndi designs for back hands

The glistening waterfall is a soothing, refreshing back hand henna design. It’s all about lines that look like a waterfall. I like to add many more things to make the look a bit bold. Sun and flowers look the best, in my opinion.

Geometric Kaleidoscope Art

back hand full mehndi design

Kaleidoscope is a modern back hand Mehndi design. It has lots of shapes and lines that fit together perfectly, creating a really neat pattern. In fact, it gives a little “scientific” look. So, it will be fun to have it in your hands.

Butterfly Dance Patterns

stylish butterfly back hand mehndi designs

Butterflies are so pretty, aren’t they? The Butterfly Dance Patterns design has lots of little butterflies that look like they’re dancing on your hand. You can also draw flowers, leaves, and other natural things if you choose this mehendi design.

Rajasthani Jewel Beauty

Rajasthani mehndi design

If you want stylish back hand Mehndi designs, then I suggest you try Rajasthani. It comes from Rajasthan, a place in India known for its beautiful art and bright colors. The Rajasthani Jewel Beauty design is inspired by this. It looks like a collection of precious gems and traditional designs that you might find in a palace.

Cascading Vine Delight

latest henna design

Another modern back hand Mehndi design you can choose is Vine Delight. It is like a vine with leaves and flowers gently falling down your hand. Everyone will also love this design, as it is both soft and pretty. It always reminds me of a vine growing along a wall or over a garden gate.

Peony Flower Waltz

instagram stylish back hand mehndi designs

Peonies are beautiful flowers, and this design is all about them. The Peony Flower Waltz has lots of these flowers in a pattern that looks like they’re swirling around in a dance. It’s a very pretty and elegant design, like wearing a bouquet in your hand.

Dreamy Dandelion Whirl

flower mehndi design

The Dreamy Dandelion Whirl design is a unique one. How? Well, it captures the essence of the dandelion’s delicate structure. It features fine lines and small dots that mimic the dandelion’s seeds. So, if you’re looking for a subtle Henna design, it’s a great choice.

Enigmatic khafif mehndi design back hand

khafif mehndi design back hand

Ever looked up at the night sky and wished you could capture a piece of it? That’s the vibe of the Starry Night Whisper design. It’s like wearing a slice of the night sky on your hand, with little stars and constellations dancing across your skin.

Bohemian Royal Back Hand Mehndi Design

royal back hand mehndi design

If your spirit is as free as a wildflower, then the Boho Floral Mix is your soul painted in Mehndi. It’s all about flowers that don’t follow the rules. They twirl together with a touch of the unexpected, just like a true bohemian heart.

This design is a symphony of floral motifs, playing a tune that’s both traditional and refreshingly unique. Ideal for the artistic soul who finds beauty in the blend of the classic with a modern twist.

Persian Garden Beauty

persian back hand mehndi

Take a stroll through an ancient Persian garden with this design. Persian Garden Dream pays homage to centuries of artistic tradition, with flowers and geometry that whisper stories of old. The symmetry here is not just about looks. It’s also about balance, beauty, and culture. This one’s for those who carry a love for history in their hearts and want their Mehndi to tell a tale of timeless elegance.

Dubai Back Hand Mehndi (Magic Harmony)

dubai mehndi design back hand

Dubai back hand mehndi harmony features the mandala, a spiritual and ritual symbol representing the universe. This design typically consists of a central point surrounded by symmetrical patterns and shapes.

Also, note that the intricate circular motifs of the mandala symbolize harmony and unity. You should choose it if you want something spiritual or meditative.

Gilded Arabic Henna Art

arabic mehndi designs back hand simple

Gilded Arabic Henna Art is known for its bold, flowing patterns. They resemble Arabic script, which is why the design looks visually aesthetic.

First, you draw thick lines and curves and then write something meaningful in Arabic scripture.

This Arabic mehndi design is preferred by individuals who seek a dramatic and elegant henna style that makes a strong style statement.

Ethereal Feather Dance

feather back hand henna design

Ethereal Feather Dance is a back hand design that features feather-like patterns. I’ve seen these gentle, flowing lines create a sense of lightness on the hand.

The design often uses fine strokes, resembling the softness of feathers. This is a great choice if you’re looking for something subtle yet graceful.

Whirling Dervish Pakistani Mehndi design back hand

pakistani mehndi design back hand

Whirling Dervish captures the essence of movement in its design. It comprises circular, spiraling patterns that remind me of traditional dervish dances. The design is dynamic and often covers a large area, making a bold statement.

Henna Horizon Art

both hands beautiful mehndi design

Henna Horizon Art is about straight lines and horizon-like patterns. It’s a more structured design. You can also draw many linear elements that create a sense of balance. 

Henna Horizon Art can be a good option if you prefer something modern and less floral.

Gossamer Radiant Sunbursts Returns

bridal mehndi design

Gossamer Radiant Sunbursts Returns style includes delicate dragonfly motifs. You can also draw intricate wings and the slender body of the dragonfly with fine lines. This design will suit you if you appreciate nature-inspired patterns that are detailed.

Lotus Love Patterns

lotus back hand mehndi

Lotus Love Patterns focus on the lotus flower, which symbolizes purity and beauty. To create depth, you can also design petals in a layered fashion. If you’re drawn to floral designs that have a symbolic meaning, this could be your go-to choice.

Lacey Breeze Waltz

mehndi design for beginners

Lacey Breeze Waltz is all about lace-like patterns that resemble an airy fabric. This design often uses interconnected patterns that flow across the hand. That’s why it also looks similar to a gentle breeze moving through lace curtains.

It’s perfect if you’re after a design that’s both elegant and intricate.

Moonlit Jasmine Elegance

new back hand mehndi design

Moonlit Jasmine Elegance centers around jasmine flower motifs. The design typically includes small, interconnected jasmine flowers that give a sophisticated and refined look.

So, if you like floral patterns that are both classic and stylish, this design might appeal to you.

Eden Beauty: Left hand back mehndi design

left hand back mehndi design

Garden of Eden Beauty is one of the easiest Mehndi designs that brings to life the lushness of a garden. You can fill it with various floral patterns that resemble a rich, blooming garden.

This design is a good choice for those who love nature-themed art, especially with a variety of flowers.

Sun-Kissed Vine Dance: Right hand Mehndi Design Back Hand

Right hand Mehndi Design Back Hand

Sun-Kissed Vine Dance features vine-like patterns that seem to twist and turn gracefully. The design gives the impression of vines basking in the sun. So, when you look at the Sun-kissed Vine Dance design, it always looks lively and dynamic. 

It’s ideal for someone who enjoys designs that have a natural flow and movement.

Nomadic Nomad Heavy Patterns

full back hand mehndi design indian

Nomadic Nomad Heavy Patterns are inspired by traditional nomadic art. These designs often include geometric shapes and bold lines, which reflect nomadic cultures. If you’re drawn to cultural themes with a strong presence, this might be your perfect match.

Bird Feather Fantasy

mehndi design on back hand

Peacock Feather Fantasy centers around the majestic beauty of peacock feathers. You can add eye-like patterns of the feathers, often in a detailed and colorful rendition. However, the Peacock Feather Fantasy design can be a bit tricky for beginners. So, be careful.

Starry Nightfall Waltz: Heavy mehndi designs for back hands

heavy mehndi designs for back hands

Starry Nightfall Waltz is a Mehndi style that captures the enchantment of a starry night. The patterns often resemble stars and celestial elements. You can even arrange them in a way that looks as if a night sky is in motion. It’s suitable for those who love designs with a touch of whimsy and wonder.

Cosmic Crescent Beauty

bride cosmic mehndi design back hand

Cosmic Crescent Beauty combines crescent moon shapes with other celestial motifs. This modern Mehndi design often feels like a depiction of the night sky. You can even enhance it with crescents and stars interwoven.

This design would appeal to you if you’re fascinated by the cosmos and celestial themes.

Intricate Ikat Patterns

easy pattern mehndi back hand design

Intricate Ikat Patterns take inspiration from the traditional Ikat textile art. It’s all about a unique dyeing technique, which creates a distinct, blurred pattern.

If you’re interested in textile art and want a back hand Henna design that’s both unique and culturally rich, this could be a great choice.

Boho Chic Blossom Bail Back hand Mehndi Design

Blossom Bail Back hand Mehndi Design

Boho Chic Blossom Beauty is a Mehndi style that combines bohemian flair with floral elegance. It features free-flowing flowers and vines. That’s why I say Boho Chic Blossom Beauty is perfect for those who love a relaxed yet stylish look. 

Whimsical Wave Waltz

henna mehndi design back hand

Whimsical Wave Waltz captures the rhythmic movement of waves. The patterns flow smoothly, like water moving in the sea. This design is ideal for someone who enjoys designs that represent movement and have a calming, fluid appearance.

Enchanted Evening Beauty

mehndi designs simple and easy back hand

Enchanted Evening Beauty is all about the glamor and mystique of a night under the stars. Designers add intricate patterns that create a sense of depth and elegance, which is why it’s a suitable choice for special occasions, like weddings.

Desert Oasis Patterns

circle mehndi design back hand

Desert Oasis Patterns are inspired by the serene beauty of the desert. It looks both tranquil and simple. People also call this Mehndi style “Timeless,” because local Indian designers have been drawing it for years. It’s a great choice if you’re attracted to designs that reflect natural landscapes.

Tribal Unity Harmony: South Indian Backhand design

south indian mehndi design back side full hand

Tribal Unity Harmony combines traditional tribal patterns in a harmonious design. These patterns are often bold and symbolic. Some Mehndi enthusiasts think they reflect the strength and unity of tribal communities.

If you appreciate designs with cultural significance and strong visual impact, this might be for you.

Insta Celestial Symphony Waltz

insta back hand mehndi design

The Celestial Symphony Waltz is the latest back hand Mehndi design that brings together various celestial motifs in a harmonious arrangement. It’s like a dance of stars and moons. You can even create a mesmerizing pattern by adding elements like comets.

This design is perfect for those who love cosmic themes and elegant patterns.

Sunflower Sunbeam Dance

sunflower back hand mehndi design

Sunflower Sunbeam Dance radiates warmth and joy, much like sunflowers basking in sunlight. It’s also easy, and I recommend beginners to draw it if they are not comfortable drawing any complicated design.

Furthermore, it’s an ideal choice for someone who loves floral designs with a cheerful and vibrant feel.

Royal Mandala Madness Whirl

royal full back hand mehndi design

Mandala Madness Whirl focuses on mandalas’ beauty. This design often involves detailed circular patterns that draw the eye inward, which makes it unique from others. If you’re drawn to designs that are both meditative and visually stunning, this could be a wonderful choice.

Moroccan Royal Reverie

moroccan mehndi design simple

When I first saw Moroccan Royal Reverie, it struck me with its intricate geometric patterns typical of Moroccan art. This design has a mesmerizing quality. It’s almost like a beautiful illusion created with tiles.

It’s perfect for those Mehndi enthusiasts who appreciate the depth and complexity of geometric designs.

Persian Princess Thick Mehndi Design Back Hand

thick mehndi design back hand

Persian Princess Design reminds me of the rich heritage of Persian art. It often features elaborate floral motifs and curving lines, creating a sense of luxury and opulence. If you also want to feel royal elegance, go for this Persian Princess design.

Radiant Kolkata Elegance

rajasthani mehndi back hand

Radiant Kolkata Elegance brings to mind the vibrant culture of Bengal and South India. It’s all about bold, folk-art-inspired patterns, often featuring motifs like elephants and peacocks. Pick it if you’re drawn to designs that are both colorful and culturally rich.

Enigmatic Elegance Odyssey

elegant henna design

Enigmatic Elegance Odyssey is a full-hand Henna design I find particularly captivating. It combines flowing lines with more structured patterns, creating an elegant and mysterious look. It will also look sophisticated, too.

Timeless Tracery

coral mehndi design

Timeless Tracery is like a journey underwater with its coral-like patterns. It features delicate, branching patterns that remind me of coral reefs. Therefore, it’s a wonderful choice if you love nature-inspired designs that are delicate and intricate.

Classic Charm Waltz

2024 back hand mehndi design

Classic Charm Waltz has always fascinated me with its “light” feel. It mimics the delicate wings and slender bodies of dragonflies and butterflies. It’s perfect for those who prefer a design that’s subtle.

Natural Blossom Dance

latest back hand mehndi design

Natural Blossom Dance feels joyful and unrestrained. It combines floral motifs with a free-spirited, bohemian style. The patterns are often playful and varied, making it a great choice if you love a mix of tradition and modern, artistic flair.

Mumbai Nectar Harmony

natural back hand mehndi design

Mumbai Nectar Harmony brings to mind the rich, earthy art of nomadic cultures. It often features bold, interconnected patterns that seem to tell a story of travel and adventure. I’ve always been drawn to this design for its robust and dynamic character, making it ideal for those who appreciate a strong, cultural narrative in their Mehndi.

Lotus Dance Waltz

lotus back hand henna design

Lotus Dance Waltz is a beautiful back hand Mehndi style that captivates me with its complex patterns, resembling a maze of lotus flowers. The intricate lines and curves create a mesmerizing effect, perfect for those who seek a design that combines beauty with a hint of mystery.

Midnight Magic Beauty

nature henna style back hand

Midnight Magic Beauty reminds me of a starry night. The design usually features motifs that resemble celestial bodies, arranged in a way that evokes the enchantment of the night sky. It’s a great choice for anyone who loves the allure of the cosmos.

Whispering Willow

stylish back hand mehndi style

Whispering Willow has a gentle, rhythmic flow that makes me think of celestial movements. It’s like watching the dance of planets and stars, captured in a beautiful pattern. This design is ideal for those who are fascinated by the universe and its graceful harmony.

Full Hand Butterfly Bliss Dance

butterfly mehndi style

Full Butterfly Bliss Dance is one of those back hand Mehndi designs that always feels light and joyful. It typically includes patterns of butterflies in mid-flight, creating a sense of freedom and grace. I find this design perfect for those who love the delicate beauty of butterflies and want to capture that essence on their skin.

Enchanted Eden Arabic Whirl

arabic flower henna design

Enchanted Eden Whirl brings to life the lushness and diversity of a garden. It often combines various floral and leaf patterns, creating a vibrant and lively effect. This design is a favorite of mine for its ability to capture the essence of a blooming garden in a single pattern.

Arabian Dream Elegance

back hand mehndi design easy and beautiful

Arabian Dream Elegance is a red Mehndi design that speaks of the rich cultural heritage of Arabia. It usually features intricate, flowing patterns that remind me of traditional Arabic art. This design is well-suited for those who appreciate the elegance and intricacy of Arabian motifs.

Tribal Prismatic Waltz

henna back hand style

Tribal Prismatic Waltz is a henna design that always stands out to me for its strong geometric patterns, often inspired by tribal art. It combines sharp lines and shapes in a way that’s both bold and rhythmic. This design is a great choice for those who admire the striking simplicity and meaningfulness of tribal art.

Rajasthani Bridal Radiance Beauty

back hand tattoo mehndi design

Rajasthani Bridal Radiance Beauty brings to life the vibrant and colorful essence of Rajasthan. The design usually includes traditional motifs like paisleys and peacocks, rendered in a lively, ornate style. I’ve always found this design particularly appealing for its festive and celebratory feel.

Kaleido Iris

pakistani henna back hand

Kaleido iris patterns capture the delicate beauty of iris flowers. This mehendi design often features the intricate petals and leaves of the iris, creating a soft and elegant effect. This design is perfect if you’re looking for something that combines floral beauty with a touch of subtlety and grace.

Peacock Plumage Fantasy

peacock feather mehndi back hand design

Peacock Plumage Fantasy is a design that I find truly mesmerizing, with its depiction of the majestic peacock feathers. The intricate detailing and vibrant patterns make it a standout choice for those who appreciate designs that are both elaborate and symbolic.

Gorgeous Garden Whirl: Diwali back hand Henna design

Gilded Garden Whirl is like taking a walk through a splendid, blooming garden. The design typically combines various floral elements in a swirling, interconnected pattern. This design is a personal favorite for its ability to evoke the richness and diversity of a garden in full bloom.

Lacey Lotus and Flower

Lacey Lotus and Flower style focuses on the elegant form of the lotus flower. The design features delicate, lace-like patterns that resemble lotus petals. It’s a lovely choice for those who prefer a design that’s both refined and symbolically rich, reflecting purity and beauty.

Desert Rose Beauty

rose henna back hand style

Desert Rose Beauty is inspired by the resilient beauty of roses found in desert environments. The design often includes rose motifs amidst thorny vines, creating a striking contrast. This design resonates with me for its representation of strength and beauty thriving in challenging conditions.

Moonlit Jewelry Henna Style

jewellery mehndi design back hand

Moonlit Mandala Waltz is one of the most simple Mehndi designs. You will admire it for its symmetrical beauty. It features circular mandala patterns that create a serene and balanced look. I suggest using red henna and making the bridal hairstyle for a more stunning look.

Moroccan Connected Dance

indian back hand henna design

Moroccan Connected Dance reminds me of traditional Moroccan tile art. It uses geometric shapes in a colorful and dynamic way. This design is perfect for those who appreciate vibrant and detailed henna patterns.

Bangladeshi Serenade Harmony

bangladeshi henna back hand

Bangladeshi Serenade Harmony has a peaceful and dreamy feel, with patterns resembling stars and moons. It’s a design I recommend for its soothing and cosmic theme, ideal for star-gazers and dreamers.

Heart & Nectar Whirl

heart back hand mehndi design

Heart and Nectar Whirl is a stylish Henna style that brings out a sense of adventure and culture. It often includes bold, interconnected flower patterns that capture the essence of nomadic art. I find it perfect for anyone drawn to designs with a strong narrative.

Jewelry Radiant Heavy Waltz

heavy mehndi designs for back hands

Jewelry Radiant Waltz is a vibrant and colorful design, echoing the festive spirit of Rajasthan. It typically features traditional motifs in a lively composition. I suggest this design for its celebratory feel and cultural richness.

Whimsical Twilight Beauty

festival henna art

Whimsical Twilight Beauty has a flowing and graceful quality, reminiscent of cascading water. I like this design for its elegant and fluid patterns, making it a great choice for those who prefer a more natural and serene style.

Prismatic Petals

henna art back hand

Prismatic Petals is a design I find intriguing for its mix of intricate and mysterious patterns. It creates a sophisticated and captivating look, ideal for an evening event or special occasion.

Nebula Nectar

light mehndi art back hand

Nebula Nectar patterns are inspired by the intricate beauty of coral reefs. The design features delicate, branching patterns that I find beautiful for their resemblance to underwater coral formations. It’s well-suited for nature lovers and those who enjoy intricate designs.

Velvet Veil

fun mehndi art

Velvet Veil has a calm, gentle feel. It’s like a soft, sunny day turned into a Mehndi style. This one’s great for those who like simple and peaceful patterns.

Astral Aura

awesome mehndi back hand

Astral Aura is inspired by traditional Ikat, which is why it features blurred, flowing lines. This design is a good pick for anyone who loves unique and artistic patterns.

Pardesi Paisleys

henna back hand mehendi art

Pardesi Paisleys is all about light, airy designs that remind me of delicate spider webs. It’s perfect for a subtle, nature-inspired look.

Lotus Bindi Blooms

waves back hand mehndi

Lotus Bindi Blooms combines lotus flowers with maze-like patterns. It’s a beautiful choice for those who enjoy floral designs with a twist of complexity. It’s not limited to the back hand, either. Lotus Labyrinth is also one of the most popular finger Mehndi designs today.

Persian Mehfil Mingle

back hand henna design

Persian Mehfil Mingle is elegant and detailed, with a royal touch. It often includes intricate floral and paisley patterns. This design suits anyone who loves a bit of luxury in their Mehndi. 

Celestial Sway Elegance (For Both Hands)

back hand mehndi design for marriage

Celestial Sway Elegance is about stars and moons in a graceful dance. It’s a lovely choice for those who are fascinated by the night sky and its beauty.

Bohemian One Hand Blossom Beauty

one hand mehndi design

Bohemian One Hand Blossom Beauty is a mix of flowers and bohemian style. It’s playful and colorful, great for someone who is wearing a bridal lehenga. You can also go for it if you like your Mehndi to be fun and lively.

Nomadic Nizami Nouveau

light mehndi design back hand

Nomadic Nizami Nouveau has strong, bold patterns that remind me of ancient nomadic art. It’s a great design for those who appreciate a touch of history and culture in their Mehndi.

Rajasthani Qila Quotient

plant mehndi design back hand

Rajasthani Qila Quotient has bright and lively patterns that remind me of Rajasthan’s colorful festivals. It’s full of beautiful shapes like flowers and special twists, just like the fancy designs you see in Rajasthan. This Mehndi is great for parties or celebrations because it’s so cheerful and fun.

Garden Butterfly Bliss Patterns

girls back hand mehndi design

Garden Butterfly Bliss Patterns are all about pretty butterflies. These designs show butterflies fluttering around and look really graceful. If you like butterflies and want something that feels light and happy, this design is a good choice.

Roshan Rangoli: One of the Best back hand mehndi designs for girls

back hand mehndi designs for girls

Roshan Rangoli is like a picture of a lovely garden on your hand. It has lots of different plants and flowers, sometimes even small animals. It’s perfect if you love nature and want something that looks both fun and pretty.

Mirage Medley

leaf back hand mehdni design

Mirage Medley uses simple, strong lines and shapes. It looks a bit like the cool patterns you might see in tribal art. This Mehndi is good for someone who likes designs that are straightforward but still tell a story.

Dotted Flower Dance

henna back of the hand style

Dotted Flower Dance is about the iris flower. This design shows the special shape of the iris with its unique petals. It’s a nice choice if you enjoy flowers and want something that looks both fancy and different.

Peacock and Sunflower Harmony

The Peacock and Sunflower Harmony has the amazing patterns you find in peacock feathers and in sunflower petals. These designs are detailed and look really special. It’s a great option if you like things that are a bit fancy and stand out.

Velvet Flower Vignettes

sunflower mehndi art

A Velvet Flower Vignette is like having a garden full of flowers in your hand. It shows lots of flowers close together, making it look rich and full. If you love flowers and want a Mehndi that’s detailed and looks like a bunch of blooms, this is a good pick.

Lacey Lotus Whirl

arabian back hand mehndi

Lacey Lotus Whirl is a modern Mehndi style that’s all about the lotus flower. It has patterns that look like the petals of a lotus, arranged in a swirly way. This design is nice for people who like flowers and want something pretty and soft on their hands.

Desert Henna Dance

back hand mehndi style

Desert Henna Dance shows patterns that look like desert roses. These designs are simple and neat, making your hand look like it has little roses on it. It’s a good choice if you like roses and want something that looks sweet and simple.

Cute Mandala Henna Design

mandala mehendi back hand design

Cute Mandala Waltz is made up of round patterns called mandalas. These designs are like big circles with lots of little details inside. They’re great if you like patterns that are calm and have a lot of neat details to look at.

Moroccan Mosaic Henna Beauty

magical henna back hand art

Moroccan Mosaic Beauty has designs that remind me of the colorful tiles you see in Morocco. It’s full of shapes and colors, arranged in a way that looks really cool and artistic. This Mehndi is perfect for someone who likes bright, detailed patterns.

Celestial Serenade Whirl

heart back hand henna art

Celestial Serenade Whirl is about stars and moons. The patterns in this design look like a night sky with lots of twinkling stars. It’s nice for people who love looking at the sky and want something dreamy and starry on their hands.

Banarasi Bliss

heart back hand henna style

Banarasi Bliss has bold, connected patterns that remind me of art from people who travel a lot. It’s simple but strong, and it tells a story of adventure. This design is good for someone who likes things that are straightforward and have a bit of history in them.

Unique Rajasthani Whirl

back hand finger mehndi design

The Unique Rajasthani Whirl is colorful and full of life, just like the festivals in Rajasthan. It has lots of fun shapes and patterns that are really festive. If you like things that are bright and happy, this Mehndi style is a great choice.

Lucknow Waltz Beauty

beautiful henna art back side of the hand

Lucknow Waltz Beauty has designs that look like water flowing down. It’s smooth and looks just like a small waterfall on your hand. This design is great for people who like patterns that feel calm and look like they’re moving.

Zen Evening Whirl

unique back hand mehndi design

Zen Evening Whirl is a henna design that looks fancy and a bit mysterious. It has lots of twists and turns, making your hand look really interesting. It’s a good choice if you want something that looks a bit different and special.

Dreamy Crescent

tattoo mehndi back hand

Dreamy Crescent patterns are inspired by coral from the ocean. They have lots of small, branch-like patterns that are really pretty. If you like things from the sea and want a Mehndi style that’s delicate and lovely, this one is nice.

Multi-Split Henna Art

back hand henna art photo

Multi-Split Henna Art reminds me of a peaceful, sunny day. The patterns are simple and feel very relaxing, just like sitting in the sun. It’s perfect for people who want something that’s easy on the eyes and feels soothing.

Regal Lace

back hand mehndi style image

Another gorgeous Henna design for girls back hands is the Regal Lace. It is based on fabric patterns. These designs have lines and shapes that are a bit blurry and look really artistic. You can even use it as a front hand Mehndi design.

If you like fabric patterns and want something that looks creative and cool, this hand henna design is a great choice.

Blooming Garden Style

picture of back hand mehndi design

Blooming Garden Style is all about light and delicate garden patterns. It has designs that look like tiny flowers and leaves, almost like a fairy garden. This Mehndi is good for those who love nature and want something that’s pretty and gentle.

Lotus Harmony

free back hand mehndi design

Lotus Harmony combines lotus flowers with maze-like designs. It’s interesting because it looks like a puzzle made of flowers. If you enjoy floral designs and like patterns that make you think a bit, this one’s a nice pick.

Pakistani Princess Waltz

free back hand mehndi

Pakistani Princess Waltz is a circle Mehndi style with lots of detailed flower patterns. It makes your hand look very fancy, like something a princess might wear. This design is good for people who like their Mehndi to be really pretty and full of flowers.

Celestial Sway Beauty for Indian Brides

indian bride mehndi design for back hand

Celestial Sway Beauty has one of the best back hand Mehndi designs that look like stars and moons. It’s like having a piece of the night sky on your hand. If you love space and the stars, this unique Mehndi style is a really nice choice.

Chinar Charm

easy henna for back hand

Chinar Charm mixes flowers with a fun, free style. It has different kinds of flower design patterns that all fit together in a cool way.

According to Mehndi fans, Chinar Charm is great if you like things that are a bit artsy and full of life.

South Indian Nectar Waltz

henna art for back hand

South Indian Nectar Waltz is simple but strong, with patterns that remind me of stories from long ago. It’s perfect for someone who likes their Mehndi to have a bit of an old-world feel and look unique.

Rajasthani Heart Whirl

petal back hand henna

Rajasthani Heart Whirl is bright and full of different patterns, like what you might see in a colorful celebration. It’s a really good choice if you want your Mehndi to be lively and eye-catching.

Arrow Bliss Dance

arrow back hand mehndi

Arrow Bliss Dance is all about butterflies’s wings. The designs have lots of little arrows/wings that look like they’re fluttering around. If you love butterflies and want something that feels light and happy, this is a great back hand Mehndi design.

Special Punjabi Mehndi

henna back hand design

Special Mehndi is a Henna design that looks like a beautiful garden. It has different kinds of plants and flowers, making your hand look like a little piece of nature. It’s great for people who love gardens and want something really pretty.

Indian Tribal Trellis Waltz

mehndi art

The Indian Tribal Trellis Waltz has bold and simple lines that look like tribal art. It’s a bit different because it’s not too busy, but still really interesting. If you like straightforward designs with a strong look, this one is a good choice.

Pakistani Chandni Henna Style

cute back hand mehndi design

Pakistani Chandni Henna Style is all about the iris flower. The patterns show these flowers in a way that’s detailed and pretty, which is why you should go for it if you like flowers, especially irises.

Peacock Bridal Mehndi

pakistani indian mehndi design back hand

Peacock Bridal Mehndi is inspired by peacock feathers. The patterns look like the beautiful feathers of a peacock, with lots of details and colors. Go for it if you want a Mehndi that’s really fancy and colorful.

Gilded Jharokha Jive

arabic style mehndi for back hand

Gilded Jharokha Jive has lots of flower patterns all together, like a big, blooming garden. It’s full of different flowers, making it really rich and full. This design is perfect for people who love flowers and want something that’s intricate.

Elegant-o Dance

garden back of the hand mehndi design

Eleganto Dance is a Henna design that’s stylish and graceful. It has smooth lines and patterns that make your hand look really nice. If you want something that’s simple but still looks classy, this design is a great pick.

Sindhi Desert Rose Beauty Style

sindhi mehndi design for back hand

Sindhi Desert Rose Beauty Style has patterns that look like roses you find in the desert. They’re simple but pretty, creating a nice, natural look on your hand. This design is good for those who like rose patterns that aren’t too busy.

Majestic Henna Art Lines

half mehndi design for back of the hand

The Majestic Henna Art Line is all about circular mandala patterns. These round designs are calm and have lots of cool details to look at. It’s a great choice if you enjoy mandalas and want something that feels peaceful.

Moroccan Tribal Mosaic

green mehndi design for back hand

Moroccan Tribal Mosaic is inspired by colorful Moroccan tiles. It has shapes and colors arranged in a way that’s really eye-catching and artistic. If you like bright patterns that look like tile art, this Mehndi is perfect.

Paisley Paradise Beauty

mehndi tattoo for girls hands

Paisley Paradise Beauty has designs of stars and moons, like a night sky. If you’re fascinated by space and want a dreamy, star-themed Mehndi, this design is a nice choice.

Fusion Flora Style

jewelry mehndi design for back hand

Fusion Florahas strong, connected patterns that remind me of ancient nomadic art. It’s simple, bold, and tells a story of adventure. If you like Mehndi that’s straightforward with a bit of history, this is a good pick.

Radiant Rajasthani Harmony

full hands indian pakistani bridal mehndi

Radiant Rajasthani Harmony is colorful and full of life, like a festival in Rajasthan. It has lots of fun shapes that make your hand stand out. This design is great for anyone who wants a lively and vibrant Mehndi.

Waterfall Dastaan Beauty

left hand simple mehndi design for girl

Waterfall Dastaan Beauty looks like water flowing smoothly. It’s graceful and feels like it’s moving, perfect for someone who likes Mehndi designs that are calming and look like they’re flowing.

Enigmatic Evening Kashmiri Style

traditional indian henna back hand

Enigmatic Evening Kashmiri style represents mysterious evening. It features swirling patterns that intertwine gracefully, creating a sense of mystery and elegance. The whirls are intricate, too.

This design is particularly appealing for its sophisticated appearance, perfect for evening events or when you want a touch of elegance.

Unique Peshawari Henna Design

most unique pakistani mehndi design

The Unique Peshawari design focuses on the delicate structure of coral reefs. This design intricately replicates the branching shapes and textures of coral, creating a beautiful cascade effect on the skin.

Also, note that it’s detailed and layered, which means it will give you a sense of depth that resembles the underwater coral seascape. Ideal for those who love ocean-inspired art, this design brings a piece of the marine world to your hands.

Sun-Kissed Hyderabadi Design

mehndi on back hand

Sun-Kissed Hyderabadi design combines the calm and warmth of a sunlit day. The patterns in this design flow softly. In fact, they look like gentle sun rays dancing on the water’s surface. You can even call the Sun-kissed Serenity Dance a blend of linear and curvy elements, creating a harmonious and soothing visual.

Mehndi Mahal Design

henna back hand

Mehndi Mahal’s design takes inspiration from the traditional Ikat textile technique. This Mehndi style mimics the characteristic blurred lines and vibrant colors of Ikat fabrics.

It’s a fusion of geometric and abstract patterns, arranged in a way that’s both striking and elegant.

Gossamer Garden Beauty

indian tattoo mehndi back hand

Gossamer Garden Beauty is the last Mehndi style I have for you. It feels like a light, airy stroll through a blooming garden.

It features fine, delicate patterns that resemble a variety of garden elements – from wispy flowers to slender leaves. That’s why it looks both subtle and richly detailed. So, try it if you want to capture the fragile beauty of a garden.

Bollywood Blooms Beyond

bollywood mehndi design

Bollywood blooms style feels like a Bollywood movie translated into Mehndi art. The blooms go beyond the ordinary. They add a touch of drama and flair to your hands. In fact, it’s like a dance of flowers on your skin.

Mughal Marvels Unleashed

mughal back hand mehndi design

“Mughal Marvels Unleashed” takes you on a journey back in time. This design unleashes the beauty of Mughal artistry. You can also add majestic palaces, intricate architecture, and opulent gardens.

That’s the 130 back hand mehndi designs! I’ve also shared the best foot henna designs in another article as well. For more beauty and style tips, keep visiting Masteryourlooks.

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